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When should manufacturers use mold flow analysis?

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Everyone agrees that quality parts come from a flawless mold , and digitally simulating the process is the key to starting out with flawless tooling. Moldflow, an MFA software company owned by Autodesk , is one of the leading companies providing software to improve injection molding designs. Probably not. While a mold flow analysis can be helpful for most projects, it is especially beneficial where there is a part with complex geometry and intricacies that make it more difficult to predict flow. Similarly, in parts with tight tolerances, mold flow analysis will ensure that your parts meet the required specifications with the material and tooling design.

On the other hand, you need to be able to justify the cost of conducting the analysis.

The size and scope of your project must be large enough to merit the cost and labor to run the MFA. The shortest distance between an idea for a plastic part and the market is a quality injection molding company. Choose a manufacturing partner with the experience to handle the flow analysis and who can also follow through by building the tooling and producing your parts.