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As used by the Greeks, the participants of the meal, now retired to a less formal space, lifted their cups as a tribute to the Gods, or to some outstanding local hero. The Romans typically paid tribute to the Emperor, widely regarded as a divine figurehead. It seems the early Christians adopted the custom, and re-assigned it a deliberate subversive and prophetic significance. They lifted their cups as a tribute to Jesus, the one in whom is sealed a new covenant, more noble and empowering than the covenant of Greek deity or the Roman Emperor.

This brings to the Eucharistic celebration a strong political and justice dimension. There can be no authentic empowering without challenging the forces that disempower and undermine creativity. There can be no authentic nourishment of persons without seeking to rectify the systemic forces that starve people of true freedom and dignity.

It is the cup of libation , the significance of which is well explained by Hal Tausig The attached EPs reflect this correct understanding. I also add an alternative Proclamation of Faith, striving to move away from the Passion and Death of Jesus Eucharist as sacrifice towards a proclamation of the God who nourishes prodigiously in all the nourishing potential of creation. The rest of the Eucharistic Prayer, including the Preface can be prayed aloud by the gathered community, but with partial voices rather than as a whole group.

The voice of the whole group is best kept for the double Epiclesis along with the Eucharistic Acclamation and the Doxology last paragraph.

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Other parts of the prayer can be prayed in choir two halves alternating , or by using selected voices from the body proclaiming different parts. Eucharist as Celebration.

Every culture that ever existed has rituals that express and explore a perceived sacred meaning in food. And there is an inexplicable mystique when food is shared to mark special occasions of joy and celebration. Meals are widely regarded as precious moments in families and in other groups of close affiliation.

Regarding Eucharist primarily as a meal is congruent with the fact that Rites of Passage related to food exist in every sacred tradition known to humankind. And the Christian Eucharist itself first began as an imitation of the Jewish Shabat meal, celebrated in the family home every Friday night — a custom that continues till the present time.

In the Shabat meal, there is a key person, playing something akin to a presiding role, and it is the Mother , not the father, who is head of the household. This I suggest is fertile territory for a revamped understanding of Christian priesthood. I wish to propose that a revitalization of Eucharist needs to start where it originally began, namely in the home, or in small household groups gathering around a common vision or enterprise house-Churches, or basic Christian communities.

In these informal and friendly groups experimentation and exploration can, and should, be normative. And in that context, the use of EPs such as those I provide seems a very adult and responsible thing to do. It was inevitable that Eucharist would become more structured and formalized as numbers grew and celebrations had to be accommodated in big Churches. In the process, we lost something precious and primordial. Rubrics and formal procedures undermined the deeper message. Kilmartin, E. Mendes Montoya, A. Tausig, Hal , In the Beginning was the Meal. You have called us into birth and gifted our youthfulness.

You have protected our growth and blessed our maturity. You have graced our transitions, amid the changes of life. And you have called us as a people of faith, to embrace our world with faith and new vision. With gratitude in our hearts we thank you for being our companion on the journey. Gracious God, all creation celebrates your empowering presence. All your creatures hunger for the new life you promise. In Jesus, our friend and liberator, you reveal our humanity come of age, the evolutionary fulfillment of many aeons, the invitation to wholeness and the promise of new life.

First Invocation: In the power f the creative Spirit, Jesus lived life to the full. We, too, are blessed in the power of that same Spirit, which we now invoke upon all gathered here, to celebrate the transformative energy, symbolized in our gifts of bread and wine, given to nourish and sustain us into the fullness of life.

Invoking the memory of the tradition: While sharing a feast at table, Jesus took bread, blessed you, God of all good gifts.

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Jesus broke the bread, and along with the cup, shared it among friends and said: Take this all of you: eat and drink; this is my body which will be given up for you. After the meal, Jesus took another cup, poured out in a spirit of solidarity and empowerment. Jesus gave thanks and handed the cup to those at table saying: Take this all of you and drink from it; this is the cup of my life-blood, the life of the new and everlasting covenant.

In prophetic solidarity, it is poured out for you and for all.

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Sustain one another in sacred memory. Eucharistic Acclamation Nurtured by your Word, nourished by your food; Called anew to be your people, we acclaim your praise. As a Christian people we inherit a story of liberation and new life. We remember the blessings of ages past, and we look forward in hope, knowing that you, our wise and faithful God, will continue to empower us in our earthly mission.

Second Invocation: As a people called to mature and adult faith, we invoke upon all gathered here, the empowering Spirit of courage and wisdom, so that we, too, are empowered to be agents of Gospel liberation. We unite in thought and prayer with all who are weighed down by oppression, trapped in poverty, victimised by violence and exploitation. We grieve for all who will never reach their full potential, because of the greed perpetuated by unjust systems.

Bless us, O God of liberation, to work for the freedom of all, to bring about a world where justice can reign and love can flourish. In the fellowship of our faith, with all the living and those gone before us, confirm our hearts in this resolve. May we never betray that fullness of life to which you invite all your people. Doxology: This prayer we make in the name of our Creator God and liberating Spirit, whom Jesus embodied as our primary model: in with and through whom we offer our praise, this day and forever.

You bless us with abundance; you gift us with your graciousness; you know our every need. In the birthing forth of creation you call us into being. You gift us with healthy and wholeness; you sustain our every endeavour. You feed your hungering people. You call us to work for justice, to share our table with all creation, to feed the needy at our door, to see nobody left in need. For the blessing of your gifts, and the challenge of your call to us, we lift our voices as we acclaim in song your gracious love: Holy, Holy, etc.

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Nourishing the Spirit

Paperback , pages. Published March 1st by Ave Maria Press first published More Details Original Title. One evening in early June, I heard a knock on the door. It was a time when I was very tired, when things all seemed to be happening at once. I felt a deadness, an inability to be enthused or excited. I wondered what all the running and busyness was worth, and I felt very discouraged about my presence among those around me.

I went to the door thinking someone would ask me to do "one more thing.

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